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  • 中非遇/When China Met Africa.2010电影下载网站 免费

    中非遇/When China Met Africa.2010免费电影下载

    A cinematic feature documentary about China's foray into Africa told through the lives of Chinese adventurers & Zambian power brokers as they negotiate the tricky waters of this rapidly expanding and vital relationship.
  • 我的改革/My Perestroika.2010电影下载网站 免费

    我的改革/My Perestroika.2010免费电影下载

    The Bolshevik revolution, the cold war, and the collapse of the Soviet Union defined the history of the twentieth century. With such a past, what does it mean to be Russian today? Robin Hessman's lovingly crafted documentary, My Perestroika, adopts the idea of the “everyman story,” suggesting that the unheralded lives of the last generation of Soviets to grow up behind the iron curtain hold the key to understanding the contradictions of modern Russia from the inside out.
    Crafted during five years of researching and shooting, and based on almost a decade of living in Russia in the 1990s, Hessman's film poetically interweaves an extraordinary trove of home movies, Soviet propaganda films, and intimate access to five schoolmates whose linked, but very different, histories offer a moving portrait of newly middle-class Russians living lives they could never have imagined when they were growing up.
  • Budrus.2009电影下载网站 免费


    影片《Budrus》讲述了一个男人和他15岁的女儿为了使他们的村庄免遭毁灭而开展了他们的非暴力运动。影片中出现了法塔赫和哈马斯,以及许多来到 Budrus的以色列支持者们的人性一面。这些不同的人们为了和平不顾一切走到一起来捍卫Budrus居民自由生活的权利。人们采取了一系列的非暴力行动来对抗一直以来笼罩着Budrus村庄的危险,揭示了人类本性中最珍贵的一面。
    影片由获奖影片制作人Julia Bacha执导,由Just Vision的创建人Ronit Avni出品。在Budrus中,电影人们讲述了社区组织者Ayed Morrar和他15岁的女儿在2003年发起的非暴力抗议运动。
    Follows a Palestinian leader who unites Fatah, Hamas and Israelis in an unarmed movement to save his village from destruction. Success eludes them until his 15-year-old daughter jumps into the fray.